Gain Complete Control by Capturing, Tracking & Analyzing Liquids throughout your Plant

DSI's liquid tracking software’s strength is in capturing, tracking, and analyzing liquids. Beverages are no exception. Tracking batches through production and analyzing anything from sugar levels to acid content, or any liquid characteristic/type has you covered. Additionally, by measuring liquid shrink throughout the process, your team will gain a better understanding of shrink points, from filtration to the filler line. The software will help you keep track of by-products of any kind or purpose. Gain complete control and visibility of your products as they come into and out of the plant.

The receiving software application provides:

  • Real time receiving/traceability for any liquid to any tank
  • Supports upload of any QA data from CSV file for loss/shrink tracking
  • Prices the purchase or sales price on any user defined market ·
  • Interfaces to financials

The purchasing software application provides:

  • Pricing and invoice creation
  • Provides appropriate accounting entries for posting to the general ledger
  • Includes a sales system that tracks liquid sales to all customers
  • Provides control of your liquid movements and profits