Liquid Sales

Outbound Dairy Liquid Sales Tracking and Billing

Liquid Sales was developed to handle all of the outgoing bulk liquids from your plant, as well as milk sales directly from the farm. Aimed both at proprietary plants and cooperatives, this module takes the hassle out of dairy liquid billing by creating invoices, bills of lading, and quality information while handling the process of settlement and reconciliation with your customers. Liquid Sales handles a variety of pricing formats, including contracted pricing and "spot load" or "one-off" pricing methodologies. 

  • Federal Order Pricing
  • Over Order Pricing
  • Spot Load Pricing
  • Contracted Pricing
  • Service Charges and Delivery Charges
  • Creation of Bill of Lading and Other Shipping Documents
  • Generates Invoices to be billed
  • Built-in Settlement Screen for weights and tests
  • Handles any bulk liquid
  • Integrated to Liquid Inventory to decrements outgoing sales volumes 
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