Cooperative Equity

Track Earnings, Distribute Equity and Provide Tax Information Effortlessly 

DSI's Procurement Suite offers a Cooperative Member Equity module that is fully integrated into DSI's Producer Payroll to avoid extra data entry and the chance for errors. It provides the ability to manage, distribute and track the year's earnings. The program is designed to work with a variety of equity programs, including target equity and base capital plans. Cooperative Equity handles all of the reporting and tax form creation and can generate the checks directly from the system, or hand them off to your company's accounting system. 

  • Track retained earnings and distributions to equity holders
  • Track equity holders with zero gross earnings for the year but have unpaid retained earnings
  • Adjustments of percent of taxable and non-taxable current year's earnings after posting is done
  • Enter manual payments and distributions if necessary
  • Transfer distributions between accounts
  • Print retained earnings and distribution checks
  • Automatic direct deposit functionality if desired 



  • Automatically delete inactive equity holders who have no unpaid retained earnings
  • Estate payment processing
  • Early revolvement of equity payments for retirees
  • Print 1099 forms and create files for IRS mailing label processing options
  • Maintenance of political divisions, groups, districts, co-ops, district officers, and co-op officers, certificate data for all non-estate payments
  • Robust reporting 
  • Fully integrated with Producer Payroll application