Dairy Contributes to Healthy Eating

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy is committed to helping the dairy industry provide real, simple nutrient-rich foods and beverages to meet consumers’ health and wellness needs.

Dairy’s inherent nutrient package provides a unique opportunity to help consumers achieve more nutrition per calorie with foods they enjoy. From yogurt to cheese, dairy provides options for consumers to meet their healthy eating needs.

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An area of consumer interest is protein, but awareness of dairy as a protein source is low. The following resources can be used by industry, educators and health and wellness professionals to ensure consumers are aware of their protein options from milk and milk products.


Did you know that most cheeses are a good to excellent source of protein? The Health and Wellness Committee spearheaded an industry best practices task force to address cheese, sodium and healthy eating, and it created new educational resources for general audiences, health professionals and thought leaders to explain how cheese can be part of a healthy eating plan.


Cheese and Nutrition: Health Professional Brochure
This primer offers background information on the nutritional value of cheese for health professional audiences.

Cheese and Healthy Eating: General Audience Brochure
This primer offers background information on the nutritional value of cheese for general audiences.

Opportunities: Industry Brochure

This primer outlines opportunities for industry to address the sodium challenge.

A Fresh Look at Dairy
A report on the dairy industry’s commitment to meet the health and wellness needs of consumers and society through leadership in research, innovation, education and social responsibility.


For additional dairy nutrition education resources, visit www.nationaldairycouncil.org.