Dairy Lab Collection

Automatic Lab Data Collection for the Dairy Industry

The Lab Collection software module provides links from testing data to both our Procurement and Manufacturing modules. Lab Collection creates barcodes for milk pickups, load samples, cow samples, and other forms of raw liquid testing. The system then links this information for payment in the procurement modules (both Producer Payroll and Liquid Procurement), as well as to manufacturing for purposes of reporting what went into the intake silos for shrink analysis. This module also houses the main lab functions of the manufacturing system, collecting and recording tests on finished goods and raw materials, and acting as a control point for sellable product. The system interacts with a wide array of lab instrumentation, and can be configured to work in conjunction with your outside laboratories. 

  • Automatic collection from Foss, Bently, Multispec, and other equipment
  • Extensive Producer milk testing
  • Customizable testing for finished good products
  • Reduced data entry from laboratory staff
  • Expanded options for laboratory reporting
  • Barcoding applications to increase efficiency and reliability
  • Application feeds State and Federal Reporting
  • Instant lab information sent to producers/haulers via text or email
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