Dairy Production Control

Accurate Production Data Provides Smarter Business Decisions

As part of the Dairy Manufacturing Software Suite, the Production Control module is designed to fit the needs of the dairy and food industries by delivering production data, as product is being made on the floor. Unlike many other systems, this system is designed to work with the complexities within the dairy industry, by tracking component values throughout the stages of production. The ability to track these components is our key to providing more accurate costing, shrink, and yield numbers, unmatched by other production software that is built for other industries. 

This module often interacts with floor data systems through floor integration, talking to PLC's and HMI's out in the plant, eliminating data entry and making production data up to the second. Real time data provides management the reporting it needs to make sound business decisions at any point. As the process evolves, production information is released for inventory and yield analysis. Information is obtained at the lot level, it values production, costs production and relieves the raw material usage from inventory. 

  • Complete dairy liquid accountability with component tracking
  • Dairy liquid usage is based on actual tests at time of make
  • Yields can be calculated automatically with component values incorporated
  • Production formulas per batch/vat and/or unit produced
  • Formulas include overhead, labor, non-dairy ingredients and packaging
  • User definable yield formulas to calculate theoretical yields versus actual yields
  • Integrates to floor data systems
  • Can auotmate production based upon FIFO materials or with actual
  • Works with DSI's DairyTracker Wireless Scan Guns
  • Ability to assign production to a particular order or customer
  • Accommodates Work-in-Process (WIP)