Dairy’s Unique Nutrient Package

9 Essential Nutrients

Did you know that milk provides you with nine essential nutrients? The USDA defines an “essential nutrient” as a dietary substance required for healthy body functioning. Essential nutrients must come from the diet because the human body can’t manufacture them in sufficient quantities to meet daily needs. And, it’s more than calcium and vitamin D. From helping repair muscle tissue to maintaining healthy red blood cells, the nine nutrients in milk work together to help keep the body in optimal health.

Milk’s 9 Essential Nutrients
Calcium Dairy is probably best known for its calcium, which helps to build and maintain healthy bones and teeth.
Potassium Potassium helps regulate the body’s fluid balance and helps maintain normal blood pressure. It’s also needed for muscle activity and contraction.
Phosphorus Feeling sluggish? Phosphorus helps strengthen bones and generate energy in the body’s cells.
Protein Protein doesn’t just come from meats. The protein in milk and cheese builds and repairs muscle tissue and serves as a source of energy.
Vitamin D Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is one of the nutrients Americans lack the most. It helps promote the absorption of calcium and enhances bone strength.
Vitamin A Vitamin A helps maintain normal vision and skin. It is also important for bone growth.
Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12 helps maintain healthy red blood cells and nerve cells.
Riboflavin Also known as vitamin B2, riboflavin helps convert food into energy the body can use. It’s also important for normal eyesight and healthy skin.
(or niacin equivalents)
Niacin helps bodies digest sugars and fatty acids.

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