Does Your Software Speak Dairy? We Do.

Components, dairy pricing, federal regulation – it’s all here…

  • Milk component tracking
  • Milk component costing – actual dairy costing
  • Class utilization reporting
  • Full traceability from farm to customer
  • Integrated lab with built in interface for Foss, Bentley, Multi-Spec
  • Product picking based upon customer requirements for quality
  • Pricing on date of bill, make, ship, order, delivery
  • Class I sales reporting
  • Flexible Producer payments
  • Cooperative Equity built in
  • Milk contracting / futures
  • Pooling features
  • Compliant in all state and federal orders
  • Real-time tracking from farm to plant
  • Ability to plan and track receiving and sales of dairy liquids
  • Support for FMO and Market Pricing and required settlements