Does Your Software Speak Dairy? We Do. 

Components, dairy pricing, federal regulation - it's all here

  • Milk component tracking
  • Milk component costing - actual dairy costing
  • Class utilization reporting
  • Full traceability from farm to customer 
  • Integrated lab with built in interface for Foss, Bentley, Multi-Spec
  • Product picking based upon customer requirements for quality
  • Pricing on date of bill, make, ship, order, delivery
  • Class I sales reporting
  • Flexible Producer payments
  • Cooperative Equity built in
  • Milk contracting / futures
  • Pooling features
  • Compliant in all state and federal orders
  • Real-time tracking from farm to plant
  • Ability to plan and track receiving and sales of dairy liquids
  • Support for FMO and Market Pricing and required settlements

Why Traditional ERP Doesn't Fit the Dairy Industry

What is the true difference between DSI and big box ERP? 

Why Traditional ERP