DSI Celebrates 35 Years of Dairy Software Innovation

As DSI celebrates 35 Years of dairy software development. . . we ask ourselves,  “Where did the time go?”   The Mertes family is proud of their dairy software tradition and that it is continuing with the second generation. Over the past 35 years, DSI has committed themselves to developing innovative software for the dairy and food industries.  Constantly, looking for new ways to enhance, and develop their software to support and assist dairy producers, manufacturers, plants and warehouses.   As we all know, the industry is ever-changing, providing many challenges, and the need for new, innovative ways to keep the dairy industry efficient and profitable.   We look forward to meeting those challenges for another 35 years or more.

Our story begins in 1982, DSI was selected to take over a project for Kraft Foods, creating their dairy producer payroll system. At that time, our young company, with a handful of programmers completed the project, and forever changed the direction of DSI. As a result, DSI discovered a niche handling dairy procurement and production, creating products to handle the complexities of the industry.

With the success of the producer payroll project helping momentum, DSI turned their eyes towards the manufacturing area, completing the core ERP functions of production, distribution, and inventory – with a special focus on core dairy concepts of components, shrink, federal reporting, and other industry specific pain points. This system was used at a variety of cheese and powder manufacturers initially, and then steadily grew to be incorporated at facilities handling fluid milk, ice creams and other products. At that time,  DSI partnered with IBM on the AS400 systems that were prevalent through the late 1980’s and the 1990’s.

At the start of the new millennium, DSI made several significant shifts. This included rewriting the software off of the AS400 code, partnering with Microsoft using Great Plains financials (Dynamics GP today) GL package, and creating two additional modules: Liquid Sales and Liquid Procurement. The Liquid Procurement and Liquid Sales modules were a sign of the times, handling incoming and outbound milk in bulk form, as individual plants started shying away from paying farms, and the cooperatives continued to grow and consolidate. As the 2000’s progressed, DSI evolved with the dairy industry to start incorporating more real time information, by extending its manufacturing system with the DSI’s DairyTracker mobile barcoding system, providing manufacturers the ability to track their inventory wirelessly through out the plant.  The software development expanded, capturing all raw materials, scale and meter integrations, and for some of our customers – providing fully integrated systems.

The last several years have brought forth several new modules as companies and cooperatives demanded more real time information and more planning capabilities. DSI responded by creating production scheduling and planning modules for manufacturing, and introducing Liquid Scheduling and the DairyHauler iPhone app, to enhance the planning and real time information capacities of both the manufacturing and procurement systems. These systems allowed customers to plan, execute and monitor their milk throughout the production process, seeing more information than they ever had in the past.  

Presently, DSI is focused on enhancing current software offerings through a new user interface, increased reporting capabilities, and a continued focus on real time information. We are also currently working on several new development projects that will be making their debut late this year and at the start of 2018, ensuring DSI keeps pace with the ever-changing dairy world. 

We thank our current customers for their partnership over the past years, without them, we would not be here and for that, we are truly grateful.  We look forward to the next 35 years!