Impact your Bottom Line with a DSI Plant Evaluation

DSI’s Plant Evaluation can impact your bottom line by reducing your current plant loss by 30% – 50%

For most plants, the impact exceeds well over $50 – $250K in additional annual profitability.  While most plant controllers can define their losses based on intake versus load-out and product consumption production records, specific loss points are unknown.  This produces an environment where loss mitigation is difficult to achieve.

DSI has developed a plant loss evaluation program over the past 5 years that has been deployed in over 30 plants nationwide.  These plants manufacture a variety of products that range from cheese and whey products, to fluid milk and ice cream to powder, butter and cultured products.  Through these plant evaluations, a variety of loss types and industry proven mitigation plans have been developed and successfully implemented.  The net results support reduced losses, optimized production yields and reduced rework based on improved product quality.

DSI’s plant loss evaluation service can be performed in less than 4 weeks, (pending plant size and complexity), with only one week requiring on-site time.  The report includes a detailed analysis on the following items:

  • CIP Circuits
  • Tank / Silo empty schedules
  • HTST water / product pushes
  • Product give-away
  • Lab sample pulls
  • Employee consumption
  • Rework and animal feed
  • Bf give-away
  • Moisture optimization
  • Data systems analysis
  • Mitigation plans with costs & ROI’s
  • Not sure what your losses are costing you?

For more information on our ROI Loss Program, please feel free to contact DSI via email at or call our office at 262.723.5726.