Inventory Management

Raw and Finished Goods Product Detail at Your Fingers

Data Specialists, Inc.'s Inventory Management application provides for specific product detail for inventory items- whether the product is a raw material or a finished item.  This application differs from standard Inventory Management systems due to the tight link between quality information from the lab and actual inventory levels. It allows the user to define and track the laboratory properties of each item from raw receipt through production and ultimately into the finished product.  Can also be incorporated with DairyTracker for wireless warehouse management - helping your staff locate and move, pick, stage, or ship products directly from a handheld device. 

  • Inventory accountability for multiple warehouses, multiple storage locations within a warehouse
  • Identify and track product by manufacturing sequence, lot code, pallet number, and location
  • Multiple units of measure for each item - inventory, physical, sell, purchase and price
  • Accommodates random and exact weight items
  • Formula definition for product composition and packaging requirements
  • Sound accounting period cutoffs through the use of effective dates
  • Numerous cycle counting reports for interim physical inventory monitoring
  • Product formula code to accommodate multiple products with similar compositions
  • Establish specific customer component criteria by product
  • User defined Lab characteristics tracked by item - Infinite!
  • BOM (Bill of Material)
  • Ability to report lab test results and downgrades
  • Minimum order point and quantity
  • Accumulated values by quantity and dollar
  • On-line inquiry by warehouse, product code, description, location, lab analysis characteristics, and more
  • Shortage report with suggested order
  • Automatically generates listing for lab personnel of products scheduled for re-analysis
  • All transactions are time stamped and user identified for tracking changes
  • Transaction information may be reported by starting and ending dates, product code, warehouse locations, etc.
  • Ability to document reasons for inventory transfers and adjustments
  • Inventory transaction reports by date, year-to-date usage, item code, product group, ABC analysis, etc.
  • Inventory cycle count can be selected by date, usage volume, warehouse, item code, etc.
  • Identify replacements, substitutes, and item identifiers used by customers and competitors using cross referencing capabilities
  • Find items easily, even when item number is unknown