Liquid Procurement

Manage Your Incoming Dairy Liquids for Traceability and Payment

The Liquid Procurement system has been designed to stand alone or work with DSI's Producer Payroll system and Production/Inventory systems. The system tracks all incoming dairy liquids (and other liquids if desired) to provide the front end of the traceability stream for the manufacturing system, all while handling the payment oddities that the dairy Industry deals with. It acts as a real time receiving screen for intake operators, handling the unloading process and working with the lab system to incorporate quality data. The system integrates with scales and meters to avoid data entry at the point of intake, and will handle the process of settling up with your supplier for payment. 

Liquid Purchases Load Tracking System provides:

  • Real time receiving screen for intake and traceability 
  • Tracking for all dairy liquids by source and destination
  • Product and all testing/quality assurance attributes by source and destination
  • Testing integration with internal lab instruments and external parties (labs and suppliers)

Liquid Procurement Will Handle a Variety of Attributes:

  • Dairy Liquids - milk, cream, skim, condensed skim, custom products and by-products
  • Dairy Components - butterfat, SNF, protein, other solids
  • Non-Dairy Liquids - liquid sugars, juices, teas, water