Liquid Scheduling

Increase your Efficiency by Scheduling Your Liquids

The Liquid Scheduling software module is designed for Cooperatives, Dairy Plants, and Haulers who want take more control over their incoming milk supply. The module allows users to schedule all of their incoming and outgoing loads with greater efficiency. Customers can place orders through a portal, allowing the scheduler to see demand in a simple, condensed fashion.  As orders are scheduled and routes selected, the customers gets access to that information, along with a confirmation and expected delivery time. Haulers and Carriers are able to notify customers with updated delivery times so that intake has all of the up to date information on hand. Liquid Scheduling is designed to work with DSI’s Complete Milk Management Modules, helping to eliminate data entry at the point of intake, and give the intake a better workflow. Liquid Scheduling also interacts with DairyHauler, DSI's iOS paperless milk ticket system.  DairyHauler allows the producer to redirect the hauler to different locations, depending on their plant requirements, allowing even greater efficiency and up to the minute information as to the status of milk delivery.  Liquid Scheduling provides efficient control of your liquids.

  • Schedule Milk, Cream, Mixes and other Milk Movements on a single screen
  • Control Hauler Scheduling to avoid wait charges and long receiving lines 
  • Ability to customize receiving bays, with hours of operation and attributes like "rBST Free" or "Organic Only" 
  • External Access for Customers and Haulers
  • Color Coded Screens to show surplus or shortcomings in demand
  • Alerts delivered via email or text to customers, haulers, dispatchers
  • Auto Dispatch feature to decrease time spent on scheduling
  • Integrated to DSI’s Liquid Procurement, Liquid Sales, Producer Payroll, and DairyHauler Modules for Reduced Data Entry