Do you need Actual Costing for your Dairy Plant?

DSI may have the answer for you.  Our dairy costing business software module allows for true product costing at the dairy liquid component level without having to create separate item numbers for each component like butterfat, protein, lactose so that each production vat / batch can be uniquely evaluated for all materials, labor, burden and overhead component values.  This module compliments DSI’s existing Dairy & Food Tracker™ product line and can also be used as a plug-in to other existing business software packages which supports Microsoft’s SQL Server data platform.


Ryan Mertes, President of DSI, states “This changes everything — once costs are established and product batch/vat formulas have been defined, actual weights and measures can be electronically uploaded from a plant floor SCADA or MES application so that yield, costs, and plant loss variances can be compared to standards in real time.”  Ryan further explains that, “Once a month’s costs are captured, they can be instantly recalculated based on entering the FMO milk class utilization report.”  The Costing Module also automatically interfaces to general ledger financials.  This  module provides managers and CFO’s with actual costing now, gives real product margins and supplies them the financial information to make sound business decisions immediately.  If you would like more information on this module, please call Tom Filak at 262-723-5726.