“Real Time” Production Control for Smarter Business Decisions Dairy Production Control

“Real Time” Production Data Provides Smarter Business Decisions

As part of the Manufacturing Suite, the Production Control module is designed to fit the needs of the dairy and food industries by delivering “real time” production data, activity based costing and record components at all levels.  This module gives management total recall and traceability at a moments notice anywhere in the plant at any time. Real time data provides management the reporting it needs to make sound business decision at all stages throughout the plant.

As the process evolves, production information is released for inventory and yield analysis. Information is obtained at the lot level, it values production, costs production and relieves the raw material usage from inventory. Production is reported by the manufacturing sequence – vat, batch, churn, etc.

The production process can be accomplished by any of the following methods:

  • Manual entry of production and manual identification of all raw materials used
  • Manual entry of production with automatic selection of raw materials (lifo or fifo)
  • Automated production entry with automated material relief

Features include:

  • Production formulas per batch/vat and/or unit produced
  • Formulas include overhead, labor, non-dairy ingredients and packaging
  • Dairy liquid (DL) usage is based on actual tests at time of make
  • User definable yield formulas to calculate theoretical yields versus actual yields
  • Complete dairy liquid accountability with component tracking, calculation of dairy overs and shorts
  • Statistical database for each dairy product line (i.e. butter, cheese, dried products, ice cream, cultured products, etc.
  • Composition of dairy liquids used to produce and composition of finished products with the appropriate yield or overrun calculations
  • Ability to value production based on dairy markets, standard cost or actual cost
  • Costs can be categorized as dairy ingredient, non-dairy ingredient, packaging, labor, overhead, miscellaneous and dairy liquids
  • Ability to assign production to a particular order or customer
  • Accommodates Work-in-Process (WIP)

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