Lanco-Pennland Quality Milk Producers Selects DSI

Lanco-Pennland Selects DSI ERP for New Cheese Plant

ELKHORN, WI – January, 2017 – Over the last year Lanco-Pennland has garnered a lot of attention after purchasing and reopening a dairy operation in Maryland. The acquisition was met with much excitement, helping bring back jobs to over 100 individuals in the area as production has begun to ramp up. Throughout the course of the project Lanco-Pennland has been investing in new manufacturing capacity, energy saving features, and technology. When it came time to decide on an ERP system, they were looking for someone who knew the industry and their business.

“We wanted to partner with someone who understood the complexity of the dairy manufacturing process and could provide us with the traceability we required. DSI understood our business and has helped guide our staff not only with software, but with industry best practices as we have started up production.”

         – Kurt, GM Lanco-Pennland   

Like most companies implementing an ERP system, Lanco-Pennland chose to take their project in phases. The first phase of the project was to handle the incoming and outgoing liquids from the plant as well as incorporating their lab systems. This meant the ability to bring in their own producer milk, as well as purchased milk and creams into their facility for production. The second phase of the project focused on the ability to make and trace product, honing in on both traceability and costing.

The final phase of the project will include integration to their scales for both incoming milk and on the finished goods side, providing more accurate information without having to rely on data entry. The trend of eliminating data entry and automating the manufacturing process has continued to gain momentum across the entire industry over the last 10 years. In addition, Lanco-Pennland is also going to be utilizing DSI’s DairyTracker Barcoding system to wirelessly track inventory, and to make the process of shipping and distribution more seamless.

“We were excited when we were approached with the opportunity to work with Lanco on this plant. The cooperative is known for being focused on quality, and this project has been no exception.”

         – Ryan Mertes, President DSI

About Lanco-Pennland Quality Milk
Lanco-Pennland is a marketing cooperative founded in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1998 by a small group of dairymen who decided to lead by example. They envisioned a cooperative dedicated to serving dairymen with integrity, transparency, and quality. These traits, coupled with the founder’s belief that co-op members were brothers, drive Lanco-Pennland to provide the best product price to members. More information on Lanco-Pennland can be found at their website at

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