Are you struggling with your milk payroll system?

Are you struggling with your milk payroll system? Is it flexible? Comprehensive? Offer a versatile producer payroll system? Does it give you the results you need to know your plant inconsistencies and shrink?

DSI’s Producer Payroll software is a comprehensive milk management system for the payment management of milk purchased from producers. The system offers maximum flexibility and is all encompassing. It is flexible enough to address the varied needs of some of the country’s largest dairy cooperatives to some of the smallest independent manufactures. Providing shrink tracking, producer history information including milk component analysis and multiple payment methods with versatile premiums. It can efficiently handle producer’s pay in every part of the country, for each Federal Order rules, including California and unregulated areas automatically. The software also handles pooling, de-pooling and other various requirements of the Milk Market Administrator throughout the U.S.

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