Cooperative Equity

Cooperative Equity

Track Earnings, Distribute Equity and Provide Tax Information Effortlessly 

DSI's Cooperative Equity module is fully integrated into DSI's Producer Payroll to automatically capture equity as payroll tickets are entered, avoiding double entry and end of year calculations. It provides the ability to manage, distribute and track the year's earnings. The program is designed to work with a variety of cooperative equity programs, including the most popular target equity and base capital plans. Cooperative Equity handles all of the reporting and tax form creation and can generate the checks directly from the system, or hand them off to your company's accounting system. 

When paired with DSI's Producer Payroll, the equity system removes much of the hassle associated with administering the equity program, but still gives the board of directors enough discretion to make manual payments when needed. This includes situations of retirement, family splits, estate processing, early distributions, and countless other situations. With thousands of farms across the United States covered under this system, you'll know that you're working with the nation's premier provider of dairy equity management.

  • Track retained earnings and distributions to equity holders
  • Track equity holders with zero gross earnings for the year but have unpaid retained earnings
  • Adjustments of percent of taxable and non-taxable current year's earnings after posting is done
  • Enter manual payments and distributions if necessary
  • Transfer distributions between accounts
  • Print retained earnings and distribution checks
  • Automatic direct deposit functionality if desired 



  • Automatically delete inactive equity holders who have no unpaid retained earnings
  • Estate payment processing
  • Early revolvement of equity payments for retirees
  • Print 1099 forms and create files for IRS mailing label processing options
  • Maintenance of political divisions, groups, districts, co-ops, district officers, and co-op officers, certificate data for all non-estate payments
  • Robust reporting 
  • Fully integrated with Producer Payroll application


DSI's procurement suite modules are designed to increase accuracy by eliminating key strokes, making data more manageable and reliable the second liquids come into the plant.  Using this system during intake will allow your staff to start traceability on all of your products, account for where they are being loaded to, and identify shrink factors.  DSI's complete milk management system with producer payroll fully integrates with our lab collection module, users will have access to specific lab results, email and text capabilitities allowing for the right combination of materials to be brought into production to meet your customer’s needs. It also incorporates our newest iOS app, DairyHauler, by providing "live" milk tickets with the start of the route and gives the plant an opportunity to change a route or end it depending on what is required.   It integrates fully with DSI's Producer Payroll and Liquid Scheduling modules.

Producer Payroll

Industry Leading Producer Payroll Solution

DSI’s Producer Payroll manages all of your producer milk payments, and holds a wide variety of producer information. This comprehensive system is flexible enough to address the varied producer payroll needs from small offices or corporate locations across states, and is trusted by our customers to pay over 35% of the producers in the United States. DSI’s Producer Payroll encompasses multiple payment and pricing schemes, manages assignments and deductions, and a host of other producer related information. 

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Producer Web/Text Portal

On-Demand Information for your Milk Producers

The Producer Web/Text Portal allows individual milk producers to receive quality information as soon as it comes back from the lab. Access can be given to quality results, historical information, and optionally, their financial payment information. Quality information can be set up to text phone numbers assigned by the farm allowing their field rep or nutritionists to get information immediately. By allowing your producers to have instant access to their information you can decrease your workload and increase producer satisfaction. Milk Producers also have tools to export their information for their own records and to a variety of file formats for personal use or herd management systems.

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Cooperative Equity

Integrated Equity Programs 

Cooperative Equity is fully integrated into DSI’s Producer Payroll providing the ability to manage, distribute and track the year’s distribution of earnings.  Increase your year-end efficiency by reducing the amount of time it takes to calculate your producer’s equity. The application also tracks all prior years’ retained earnings for cooperative member equity holders, and fits a variety of retained earning and target equity programs. 

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Liquid Procurement

Liquid Purchasing Traceability from Start to Final Product

Liquid Procurement  has been designed to stand alone or work with DSI’s other modules to handle all of your incoming dairy liquid purchases. The term ‘dairy liquid’ can encompass a wide range of user-defined items including: milk, cream, skim, condensed products, custom mixes,  by-products, and a variety of other liquids. The purchase system provides tracking of bulk  liquid purchases from vendors for both traceability and accounting purposes. Liquid Procurement is often integrated into scales and meters for more accurate shrink tracking and real time information. 

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Bulk Liquid Sales

Manage your Plant and Farm Billing 

Liquid Sales provides control and sales of bulk dairy liquids. This system is designed with Dairy in mind to handle a variety of pricing options including contracts, spot loads, and other one-off situations. Charges can be set using markets, over orders, and other pricing mechanisms. The system will aid in settling with your customers and create invoicing, all while keeping your traceability in tact, and creating both invoicing and bill of lading paperwork, with no extra effort. 

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Dairy Lab Collection

Integrated Lab Solution for Procurement and Finished Goods 

DSI’s lab collection module provides functionality to both the procurement modules and to the ERP modules. Lab collection works for internal and external labs handling producer testing, inbound liquid testing, and component and microbiology testing. Lab samples can be tested for fat, protein, lactose, total solids non-fat and somatic cell, as well as a variety of other specifications. This module is often integrated into lab analyzers such as a Bently, Foss, Multi-Spec or Delta to avoid data entry and ensure accurate data. 

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Liquid Scheduling

Increase your Efficiency by Managing your Dairy Liquids with DSI’s Liquid Scheduling

The Liquid Scheduling software module is designed for Cooperatives, Dairy Plants, and Haulers who want take more control over their incoming and outgoing milk supply. The module allows users to schedule all of their incoming and outgoing loads to both internal plants and external customers. Outside customers can place orders for dairy liquids through a portal, allowing the scheduler to see customer demand in a simple, condensed fashion. As orders are scheduled and routes selected, the customer gets access to that information, along with a confirmation and expected delivery times. 

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DairyHauler iOS App

The Future of the Manifest is Paperless!

Stop entering your tickets by hand! DSI’s DairyHauler application can eliminate over 90% of data entry at the point of intake. This application eliminates data entry at the plant by allowing haulers to input data directly at the farm. Follow along as your haulers move milk through their routes, pick up producer milk, and deliver to their destination. An intuitive web portal allows your staff to see the location and status of your deliveries, helping to better coordinate movements and allow decisions to be made with real-time information.

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Complete Milk Management

Complete Milk Management

Complete Milk Procurement and Manufacturing Software

DSI’s Complete Milk Management Software provides tracking and traceability for incoming milk from both farms and cooperatives through the entire manufacturing process and delivery to your customer. Our customers have the ability to use our software to track, trace and cost every drop of milk from the farm all the way to delivery to a customer. Our procurement and ERP modules are built to work together to build a complete picture of your milk movements, but most are also able to be used in a stand alone fashion, or integrated to other systems.These systems can be plant floor related like scales or meters, or larger ERP systems that aren’t able to handle milk components.

With over 35 years of dairy software experience, our software has continually evolved with the needs of the industry to provide dairy manufacturers the information they need to be successful. We pride ourselves on our dairy knowledge and will help your group achieve goals by combining our software with industry best practices picked up by working with over 180 dairy facilities nationwide. Don’t waste your time explaining your business to your software vendor, work with someone who knows what you mean when you say “class utilization” or “market administrator.”