UNLOCKING Dairy Plant Liquid/Component Traceability

Keeping track of all your liquids and components throughout your dairy plant can be a daunting task.
Planning and evaluating are key in discovering your plant costs and losses.
Start with . . .

Dairy Plant System Study:
 Evaluate your current plant processes for shrink and gaps
 Assess plant manufacturing procedures as it relates to personnel and other plant equipment i.e. scales, etc.
 Review software systems and how they work throughout  manufacturing
 Provide actual costing of liquids and components analysis
 Determine areas of shrinkage

Plan of Action:
 Outline plant processes and procedures for tracking shrinkage and process gaps
 Chart each manufacturing floor function and in the office for reporting, tracking liquid and component information through plant/warehouse
 Define software and hardware shortfalls and propose solution
 Consider software that provides liquid/component actual costing to ensure profit/loss accuracy
 Summarize areas of shrinkage/loss, provide solutions controls to keep further instances from happening

 Dairy Plant Shrink Project timeline and deadline
 Outline and document procedures by manufacturing process
 Train personnel in plant processes and procedures
 Procure or update software solutions for costing and plant processes
 Summarize overall profit versus loss the new project has delivered
 Actively monitor the procedures and personnel to keep project on track.

Benefits of Dairy ERP Software. . .
1. Complete traceability of all liquids, components throughout from intake to  retail shelf
2. Accurate costing of your components and finished products
3. Distribution/Warehouse Control
4. Integrated Financials

DSI’s ERP Software Solutions can assist you in discovering your dairy plant shrink, provide traceability and increase profitability. Our software solutions can trace your dairy liquids/ components from procurement, plant manufacturing, warehouse and distribution through to your customer or consumer.
For more information about how DSI’s Dairy ERP software can provide total plant traceability, call Tom Filak at 262.723.5726.

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