What is your wish list of your dairy ERP software solution?

Is it something like this?

Management of all milk and by-products

From Source

In Transit – lab Testing reporting;

Producer/Hauler Reporting

Producer Payroll and Co-op Equity Management

Collection – liquids, dry ingredients, recipe ingredients/components

Liquid Purchasing and Bulk Liquid Sales

Liquid Scheduling

Capture shrink

Formula distinction

Accurate Federal, State & Regional regulation/reporting

Traceability through Plant Processes – Manufacturing

Intake dissemination into the product make

Update of milk, ingredients and other component locations at any time in real time

Barcode scanning from intake to distribution of product

Instant tracking changes of all components and finished product

Inventory reporting throughout all processes

Product detail reporting

Test result reporting

Scheduling and forecasting raw and finished goods

On Hold Inventory locations and test reporting by batch

Product Release TrackingAbility to work with other process systems in the plant i.e. scales, etc.

Batch, lots and other product groups

Regulatory reporting and COA documents

Warehouse management of finished products

liquids, dry ingredients, dairy products, by-products

for customer or consumer

Distribution capable of handling multiple pricing structures, weight, premiums and all related costs

All types of costing – actual and standard

Complete Sales Analysis

Complete traceability at the customers or on the retail shelf

DSI’s Dairy & Food Tracker™ software is exclusively designed and developed for the dairy and food processing industries.  Our software modules manage all components and/or ingredients through procurement, manufacturing, warehouse/distribution to the retail shelf.  Providing complete recall and traceability with “real time” inventory management and actual costing giving companies the financial advantage.  DSI offers solutions for small, medium and large plants throughout the U.S., our software can be used as a complete solution or as individual module units to meet the needs of your business.  For more information, please call Tom Filak at 262-723-5726.